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Author锛歛dmin Date锛2013-7-25
We live in a talk about "rites" environment, if you do not speak of "Manners" is simply unable to move, was cast aside. To ask for gifts, liaison relationships to give gifts, "to dress" and "politeness", which is an ancient Chinese proverb, it is still very useful in today's results.
Survey research indicates that Japanese products has been able to successfully enter the U.S. market, the most secret weapon is the Japanese small gifts. In other words, the Japanese is to open the U.S. market with a small gift, small gift in the business communication played an invaluable role. Today, commercial society, "profit" and "propriety" are linked, often "profits", "li" related to the first "gift" after "profit", the "gift" only "benefit", which has become general rules of business communication. Reason is not difficult to understand in this context, the challenge is in operation, whether you are home gifts of effort, not somewhere, and was able to impress people. In fact, business gifts and skills has become an art, from the time and place all the way to choose gifts, are a very cost people wanted to do. Many large companies have specialized in the computer storage, the company of some key relationships, relationships character identity, status and hobbies, date of birth has been recorded, holidays, or what the appropriate days, we have regular or special gifts, consolidate and develop their own networks, to establish and consolidate its commercial position.

* General business gift-giving guide:

• Special Select Shouli who want the best gift.

* The best gifts are unexpected.

* The best gift is that a faithful friendship.

* The best gift that a sense of humor.

* The best gift to reveal the elegant and noble ideas.

* The best gift is not something beyond your budget.
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