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What is the best value to the collection
Author锛歛dmin Date锛2013-7-25
Collectors have such a saying, when something very valuable, it will be worth a lot; at worthless things, it is now worthless.
Many collectors believe that the longer the era of the more valuable collections. This is actually a misunderstanding. Collection collection value lies in historical and cultural value, rarity and technological level of the degree. Some high ancient pottery, even though thousands of years, but survive in the world because of its capacity, producing crude, and its value is far less than the future generations some of the fine rare collections. Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, the amount of surviving large number of coins in the market today, but a few cents. Some modern craft of jade artifacts, was able to sell several hundred thousand dollars.
Ming and Qing dynasties, the emperor focus on the country's best talent to the Jingdezhen porcelain, fired porcelain for royal gifts. Porcelain kilns of this period regardless of the cost, very well, worth a lot of money in at the time. In recent years, some of the auction, the Ming and Qing porcelain kiln easily sold tens of millions of quality amazing price. Some civilian pottery, porcelain, because work is more rough, there is no process value, at that time only sell a few pence up to several hundred years later, the value of its collection is still not high, only three of fifty yuan a piece.
Collectibles and antiques need to prevent drilling, well-known performers have a lot of drilling experience.
The price collection are very flexible, even with a collectible, the price will be from person to person, place, change with time. Some collections may not be high collection value, but it was out of special interests, it was a special feeling for the sustenance, it was to be installed for lack of goods in the series of collections, but them as treasures, at great cost to buy.
Collection is a wonderful thing, not only be called money the "bottomless pit", how much money can be cast into; but some say, less money can still engage in collection. One trick is to learn to keep possession of Tibet, that have limited capital appreciation potential investment in the collection, cash receipts at the appropriate time, then the next investment. Over time slowly accumulated a collection of capital investment will be gradually reduced, but the collection but it will gradually increase.
Collections requires extensive experience and sufficient capacity to be able to Kam Po accumulated high-value antiques.
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