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Children the gift of choice and packaging
Author锛歛dmin Date锛2013-7-25
Gifts to the children how to get the kids recognized it? While helping them to play the role of the healthy growth of it? This step is necessary to follow certain principles.

The principle of one, sure to match up to send their children gifts. As the saying goes, better to eat good food, you better give him something, he does not like is no good. Mozhun his preferences would be better to send some of his interested. Therefore, before choosing a gift may seek the views of your child.

Principle II. Do not look at adult children present. Or in the selection of gifts, you think something is good, and you think you are very interested in the development of children is very good, but it is not suitable for children, try not to send these gifts. Such as: baseball, you may feel very meaningful, but for younger kids, he Glenealy are Nabu Qi, let alone play.

Principle three, choose a gift based on age. Children of different ages are different levels of physical and mental development, so give them the gift should be different ---- to younger children should choose some intuitive, simple gifts. The high age should choose some of the more complex gift

Principle IV, we must consider the texture of a gift. Some gifts are likely to cause the quality of children's diseases, so the choice of gifts, be sure to take into account the child's health factors, as far as possible not to select those texture good.

Of course, a good gift, children can acquire knowledge in the game, but do not use "education" of the frame to limit their otherwise it will backfire.
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