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Individuals to purchase the most popular online shopping products
Author锛歛dmin Date锛2013-7-25
One of the most popular online shopping top five list is a crystal, sterling silver necklace, cell phone, bedding, shoes jeans.
First, the jewelry categories: crystal, jade pendants hot. Jewelry category has been the most active online trading category, in 2008, the new darling of fashion jewelry crystal pendant gifts and personalized by the buyers of all ages.
Second, home gifts Category: health gifts, such as carbon carving, negative oxygen sub-purifiers, bedding favored. Buy gifts has always been the job of beads, from 2008, the gift shop situation, more and more biased in favor of people's gifts taste and personality. Home decoration can see the owner's taste and attitude, or elegance, or cartoons, or fashion
Third, mobile phone Category: High-pixel camera, video, phone and mobile TV are all ages. Mobile phone owners have always will not miss any new features to show the personality, cell phone camera from one million to five million or more, young people's pursuit of high-resolution, video telephony, mobile TV thanks to 3G networks such opening.
Fourth, apparel Category: Denim is popular all year round the same, no matter what kind of occasion to attend, as long as an appropriate combination of jeans will be able to display a unique charm. Basketball shoes, sports shoes, especially popular in online sales.
V. Collection Category: Olympic-related collectibles craze subside. Olympic athletes at the 2008 Olympic Games, the outstanding performance led to the 2008 Olympics boom, has also led to a variety of Olympic-related memorabilia collection craze.
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