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Name:Alcohol tester(AD-8000)
Alcohol tester(AD-8000)

1) class-leading accuracy in market;   
2) 64 data-logging test results memory; 
3) 0.001% increment, super fine measurement ;  
4) cumulative test counter, ambient temp display; 
5) B.A.C detection range: 0.000- 4.000鈥 BAC ;  0.000- 0.400% BAC ;   0.000- 2.000mg/ L BAC   
6) Accuracy: +/- 0.07 鈥 BAC at cal.point;   +/- 0.07 % BAC at cal.point ; +/- 0.035mg/L BAC at cal.point 
7) Display : 4 digit LCD display , DOT-Matrix on-screen menu  
8) Warm-up : 20~ 60 seconds( including sensor auto-cleansing process )
9) Alert- system: visual and audio alert system when BAC level exceed legal limit 
10) Misc. :Advanced sampling and BAC calculation algorithm,Flow-detection technology, Flow -check function, 64 test memories, cumulative test counter, ambient temperature display, user adjust BAC display
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